The people behind ELSA.

Vu Van picture

Vu Van

MBA & M.Ed @ Stanford
Co-founded a boutique mobile app outsourcing agency
8yrs experience in international ops
Engagement Manager, Booz & Co

Xavier Anguera picture

Xavier Anguera

Leading speech expert
PhD in Speech Processing, 15yrs experience, 100+ research papers
Previously a senior Speech
Scientist at Telefonica research

Joao Nuno Babtista picture
Full-stack engineer

João Nuno

Applied Statistics on The Faculty of Sciences in University of Lisbon
Co-Created the Frappe Recommendation
engine used by Mozilla
Worked in Telefonica core projects.
Can hold his breath for almost 2 minutes

Miguel Gomes picture
iOS Developer

Miguel Gomes

Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior T├ęcnico
Mobile developer with a taste for UX
Can dance and drive race cars, but not at the same time

Khanh Nguyen picture
Growth Ninja

Khanh Nguyen

Foreign Trade University
Organizer at Grokking Engineering & BarCamp Saigon
Proud leaper in the dark

Dan Povey picture
Technical Advisor

Daniel Povey

World-leading speech recognition expert
PhD Speech Recognition (Cambridge)
Prof @ Johns Hopkins University
Creator of KALDI (leading speech open source platform)

Tu Ngo picture

Tu Ngo

BA @ Stanford | MBA @ INSEAD
Co-founded YOLA, a leading test prep school in Vietnam
Forbes 30 under 30 Vietnam

Paul Meyer picture
Speech Advisor

Paul Meier

World-class accent reduction coach
35+ years of experience training executives and Hollywood stars
Founder of International Dialects of English Archive

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