ELSA teaches you to speak English fluently

2016 winner
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The best way to learn English conversation

Speak English in short fun dialogues.
Get instant feedback from proprietary artificial intelligence technology.
Used over 40 million times and demonstrated amazing pronunciation improvements.
Winner of SxSW's Global Education Technology competition in 2016.

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ELSA Testimonial

"Amazing technology
Amazing technology recognizes your voice and compares that with the correct way to pronounce anything. This promises to revolutionize the way languages are taught."

ELSA Testimonial

"Lovely, trendy and perfect partner.
This is the first time I use a mobile app that could help me practice English easily and effectively. Thank you, Elsa!"

ELSA Testimonial

"I love it!
Elsa is truly a great app. My speaking skill improve day by day after practicing with Elsa!"

How to speak English fluently with ELSA

Learning has never been this interesting.

American English Pronunciation

ELSA is the world's best English speaking app that helps you speak English like an American, using advanced speech recognition technology.

Free Online Dictionary

Free online dictionary for English pronunciation. Learn to speak any word of your choice, like how to pronounce Givenchy

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Proven personalized curriculum

ELSA teaches you how to pronounce common idioms, American expressions, daily conversation in English, and even cheesy pick up lines.

Free Assessment Test

Take a test to discover your English speaking proficiency level. Elsa identifies your top pronunciation challenges, like 'schwa' and 'dipthong.'

Let's speak English every day

Our proven curriculum is designed by world-class pronunciation coaches. The fastest way to improve is to practice speaking English on ELSA for 10 minutes, every day.

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